Always Boogie Woogie

Location: Winterswijk, Netherlands

Sculpture by Albert Dedden and Paul Keizer, 2002, fiber-glass and plastic

“Always Boogie Woogie” is a monument dedicated to artist, Piet Mondrian. The site, Winterswijk, is where Mondrian spent several years of his childhood and teenage years.

“The new Mondrian monument caps an existing walk through the town, along sights and views which the artist immortalized in his early, figurative stage of artistic life… The creation consists of a white wall, with one side bearing grooves reflecting Mondrian 1898 sketch of the local St. Jacob Church. The other side of the wall represents his 1936 painting’ Composition in Red and Black’ and also has a rendition of Mondrian himself, sitting on a chair. That part of the monument projects horizontally with the artist gazing at the sky for inspiration.”

Photo source: deddenkeizer

Info source: mydutchroots


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