Floralis Generica


Flickr photo originally uploaded by peregrinari

Location: Plaza Naciones Unidas, Av. Figueroa Alcorta and J. A. Biblioni, La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sculpture by: Eduardo Catalano, steel and aluminum, 2002

“The gleaming…petals of this giant flower look very space age, perhaps because they were commissioned from the Lockheed airplane factory by architect Eduardo Catalano, who designed and paid for the monument. The 20-meter-high structure begins to open at dawn and closes at dusk, when the setting sun turns its mirrored surfaces a glowing pink.” (info source: fodors)

During the night this moving sculpture of a flower closes but there are only four nights in which the petals are opened: May 25, September 21, and 24 and Dec. 3… According to Catalano, ‘Floralis’ pertains to flowers, and ‘Generica’ comes from the concept of “gender”, indicating that the art represents all the flowers in the world. (source: es.wikipedia)

Controversy rating: Average (“Local opinions are divided”)

Floralis Generica: In full ‘bloom’ (phto source: es.wikipedia)

Partially closed (photo source: es.wikipedia)


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