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Flickr pic originally uploaded

by thesuppersready

Location: Port Bridge Roundabout, Derry Road, Letterkenny, Ireland.

Sculpture by Locky Morris, wood/timber, 2006

“The site of the Polestar, on the Port Bridge Roundabout, has had an historic past where trade and goods were landed by boat and transported to the surrounding areas by rail and road. The monument is made of 104 timber poles and rises to a height of 12 metres. Its shape alludes to the outline of a boat, as well as having a locomotive (train track) theme, to commemorate the fact that both forms of transportation played a major part in the town’s development in the past.” (info source: wikipedia)
“Polestar will make direct reference to the site’s rich history as a meeting point, reflecting in its structure and materials its heritage and at the same time provide an impressive landmark.” (info source: damienblake)

Controversy Rating: A Bit High (re: budget costs)

photo source: damienblake (flickr)

photo source: donegalpublicart


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