The Unknowns (Part 1): More Information Needed

We Heart Public Heart features photos of public artworks.  We find almost all of these shots, thanks hugely in part by the awesome people in Flickr. However, we encounter many pictures of public art without much information (especially from Asia).  We tried to research on them but no information comes out maybe because they are in not written in English. We love to feature about them, especially artworks of new, unknown, struggling yet talented artists. We would like to know more.

Hence, this photoblog will feature posts of unknown public artworks known as The Unknown series.  These public artworks may be somewhere near your place and you might know about it.  We would appreciate it if you could give more information if you do have it (e.g. exact location, name of artwork, sculptor, medium, etc.) and possibly more photos of them.  Thank you very much!

The Unknown 1: “Escaping Salaryman” (Korea?)

Flickr photo originally uplaoded by superlocal

The Unknown 2: “Six Horses of Tianzi” (Luoyang, China)

flickr pic originally uploaded by philippebierny

The Unknown 3: “Saraswati” (Rumah Mode, Bandung, Indonesia)

original pic by publicheart


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