Location: Franz Kafka Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
Sculpture by David Černý, bronze, 2004(?)

Quoted from an article by Jeffrey Fleishman of LA Times:
Cerny’s …project is a sculpture of two bronze naked men. They have swivel hips and, facing each other, they urinate into a pool shaped like the Czech map, writing famous Czech sayings in the water. One is by Kafka: ‘Prague is beautiful but it has claws.’

“There’s a Czech idiom about ‘peeing over somebody,’ which I guess translated into English would be to ‘get one over on somebody.’ That’s what the peeing men mean. It’s the way our country behaves,” he said.

Cerny sat near the sculpture the other day. “Oh, it still works,” he said. “You know there’s a computer underneath and you can send phone text messages and the men will pee them…

…Yeah, I’m a prankster,” he said. “It would be nice at the moment when I’m dying if I could say to myself, ‘You know, someone enjoyed something I did.’ Why not?”

Controversy Rating: High

Recommended! For a 360° view of ‘Piss,’ click here. To view a Youtube video of it, click here.


flickr photo originally uploaded by afivenson


Detail shot: flickr photo originally uploaded by iLoveButter


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