In Search of Reason

In Search of Reason

Originally uploaded by f.p.o.

Location: Board Walk, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Sculpture by Sergio Bustamante; bronze, (year?)

Quoted from an article in SouthWest Flair:

He (Bustamante) also likes to put a heady dose of playfulness—and magic—into his work. His monumental bronze sculpture, “In Search of Reason,” along the malecon (the boardwalk) beach at Puerto Vallarta stands sixty feet high and has a ladder that visitors can climb. “I like getting people to interact with it, with my art,” says Bustamante of the sculpture, which features one of his internationally known figures at the bottom of the staircase-ladder reaching up toward two smaller triangular-headed figures who are about halfway up the ladder that reaches into the sky. “It’s about freedom.”


flickr photo originally uploaded by: jasoncross


flickr photo originally uploaded by raelb


Detail shot: originally uploaded by raelb


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