Shoal Fly By

Flick photo originally uploaded

by WenDee

Location: Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

Sculpture by the design team: Michael Bellemo, Cat Macleod and SIAL Team of RMIT University; steel metal tubing; 2007(?)

Quoted from
Inspired by a flying shoal of fish, fishnets, fish scales, fishing lures and rippling water, ‘Shoal Fly By’ explores the many ways people have engaged with water throughout Docklands’ history. Admire how the sculpture twists from the ground, and casts dappling shadows across the promenade…

Quoted from
The artwork consists of four separate sculptures which depict the form and movement of surfaces in water and are to be constructed from stainless steel metal tubing… SIAL researchers and summer students worked with the artists to develop a digital design process, beginning with translating the physical to the digital using SIAL’s laser scanning measurement techniques… To continue reading, click here.


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