Cow Sculptures Around the World (Part 1)

From a post on “Cow Parade” in nancysgifts:

The cow is an animal we all love. Cows are nurturing, whimsical, quirky, and never threatening. Cows provide the milk that fosters our development, and milk is the basis of beloved childhood treats like ice cream. In short, everyone loves cows!

Public sculptures on cows are found all over the world.  Here are just some of them:


Psychedelic Cow: One of the many cow art in Cow Parade traveling exhibit.  The original molds used for the cow statues were by Swiss artist, Pascal Knapp (Photo taken in Lisbon, Portugal in 2006; originally uploaded by The Man in Blue)


Melting Cow: Another cow sculpture (fiberglass) that was part of the Cow Parade traveling exhibit (Photo taken in Budapest 2006 and uploaded by loungerie for flickr).


“Cow Up a Tree” by Australian artist, John Kelly. Photo of this whimsical bronze sculpture was taken in the Melbourne Docklands, Australia in 2006; originally uploaded by chaddles for flickr.


Bronze statue of a calf drinking water: Photo taken in Gstaad, Switzerland; Originally uploaded by douglasamcintosh for flickr


“Vache Paysage (Le Grand)” by French artist, François-Xavier Lalanne, bronze:  Cow sculpture whose cutout torso frames a view of the classical house of the duke of Devonshire in Derbyshire, UK. This is a part of the 2007 Sotheby’s “Beyond Limits” exhibition in the historic Chatsworth grounds.  (Photo originally uploaded by Boffin PC for flickr).

Postscript: There will be “moo”-re cow sculptures in future posts.


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