Applied Art: Benches (Part 1)

From Wikipedia:

Applied art refers to the application of design and aesthetics to objects of function and everyday use. Whereas fine arts serve as intellectual stimulation to the viewer or academic sensibilities, the applied arts incorporate design and creative ideals to objects of utility, such as a cup, magazine or decorative park bench…

Here are some public benches and seats from some parts of the world that were given a bit of artistic twist:


Blue Carpet (detail) By Thomas Heatherwick, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, UK (flickr photo originally uploaded by Tony Worral)


Bench/Chair in the form of hands found in a subway in Taipei, Taiwan (flickr photo originally uploaded by joeychiu)


“Six Part Seating” by Scott Burton, red granite, (shot taken at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Washington, DC, 2008 and originally uploaded by kimberlyfaye for flickr)


Seats resembling electric chairs (detail): It is one of the artistic benches found along Paseo De Reforma, a main avenue of Mexico City, Mexico (flickr pic originally uploaded by aaaminicabs)


‘Eye Benches’ by Louise Bourgeois at Agnes R. Katz Plaza, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (flickr shot originally uploaded by hanneoria)


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