What is Public heART?

It is a photo blog that showcases public art, statues, sculptures, and monuments all over the world.  It serves to educate the public about the importance (as well as the controversies) of public art, and enable students, art lovers and art enthusiasts to view pictures of public art in just one site.  Moreover, it also seeks to promote public art: contemporary and classic sculptures, as well as bring works of sculptors and artists (especially the new generation) into the realm of public consciousness.  It can also help foster tourism by informing travelers, tourists, visitors and even the locals to visit the places that show these public sculptures.

As a whole, the purpose of this site is to show support for public art all over the world in general.

How to contribute to this blog?

Here are three ways:

1. Discussions about the artworks are highly encouraged.  Not all artworks that are posted here aim to please everyone.  An artwork may be beautiful, stunning, ‘a waste of space,’ or downright ugly.  You can add your comment/s, critiques, arguments or more information about the artworks posted.

2. You can take part in poll surveys by voting your best choice for the top three featured artworks for the month. This takes place at the end of every month.

3. If you wish to take part in promoting public art from your home country, region or city, feel free to send photos of the artwork (preferably with different angles) through public.heart@yahoo.com.  Public artworks may include figurative/non-figurative, indoor/outdoor, publicly or privately commissioned, and can be seen by the general public.  Your efforts will be acknowledged.  Kindly include pertinent information regarding the artwork if you can:

    • Title of Work
    • Location
    • Name of Artist
    • Year of Unveiling
    • Medium used (e.g. granite, bronze, etc.)
    • Any other background information

Disclaimer: Photos and information (unless otherwise specified) are not from, owned or being claimed by the administrator of this photo blog.  Nor this site is being used for profit or commercial use.  All photo and information sources are duly cited and specified through hyperlink. It is not the fault of this administrator if the online source cease to exist after the photo or information has been posted.