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Robert Frost

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Location: copies of this statue are found across the USA particularly in university and college campuses

Sculpture by: George Lundeen, bronze

Quoted from the article “Behind the Bronze” in theclockonline:
“I was in that house [Robert Frost’s house in New Hampshire] and they have kind of a wooden easy chair there,” Lundeen explained. “There was a picture next to it of him (Frost) sitting in that chair.”
The inspiration for Plymouth’s statue and its 20 other copies scattered around the United States came from the “desk” that Frost had set up on the chair to write on.
“He put a board across the arms of the chair and there was a hole with a stick through it to keep it up,” Lundeen said. “What I did for the piece was use that board, propped up with that stick… I thought that it really worked well.”
A bronze statue made at life-size takes approximately a year to complete. Lundeen explained that for the first four to six months a clay piece, approximately the size of the final product is used to achieve a good overall appearance.
“When you see a life size piece like that, you need a good silhouette that will greet people,” Lundeen said.
From there it takes a month to develop the mold for the sculpture and another two or three months to cast and finish the artwork.

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One statue in Plymouth State University (flickr pic originally uploaded by misterbisson)

flickr pic originally uploaded by Josh Fields (Plymouth State University)

This one is in Colorado University (flickr pic originally uploaded by Photoman Dan)…

….while this statue is in Dartmouth College (flickr pic originally uploaded by adam.riggall)

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Alison Lapper Pregnant

Location: Trafalgar Square, London (from 2005 to 2007 only)

Sculpture by Marc Quinn, Carrara marble; first unveiled in 2005

British artist, Marc Quinn made a series of marble sculptures of people either born with limbs missing or who have had them amputated. This culminated in the 15 ton marble statue of Alison Lapper, a British woman (who herself is an artist) who was born with no arms and severely shortened legs. The statue was only displayed temporarily, occupying the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in London for 18 months (2005 to 2007) (info source: wikipedia).

Photo source: wikipedia

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Always Boogie Woogie

Location: Winterswijk, Netherlands

Sculpture by Albert Dedden and Paul Keizer, 2002, fiber-glass and plastic

“Always Boogie Woogie” is a monument dedicated to artist, Piet Mondrian. The site, Winterswijk, is where Mondrian spent several years of his childhood and teenage years.

“The new Mondrian monument caps an existing walk through the town, along sights and views which the artist immortalized in his early, figurative stage of artistic life… The creation consists of a white wall, with one side bearing grooves reflecting Mondrian 1898 sketch of the local St. Jacob Church. The other side of the wall represents his 1936 painting’ Composition in Red and Black’ and also has a rendition of Mondrian himself, sitting on a chair. That part of the monument projects horizontally with the artist gazing at the sky for inspiration.”

Photo source: deddenkeizer

Info source: mydutchroots